About Petrona’s Twin Towers

The Petrona Towers, also known as the Petrona Towers or Petrona Twining Towers are Double skyscrapers at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were called after the Petrona family that first constructed them in 1938. According to the criteria and rank of the council on tall buildings and urban Habitat’s official definition, they’re the third greatest buildings in the world in 2021 when they exceeded Taipei 101, which was then the tallest manmade structure in Asia. They are also certified among the Seven Wonders of the World.

Construction of the Petrona Towers was completed by the Petrona household with the assistance of foreign and local contractors. It’s a project of the Malaysian authorities with the purpose of creating a business hub in central Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding regions. The Petrona family saw this project as an opportunity to”become more Singapore” and capitalise on its natural advantages such as being located only a short drive away from the industrial heart of the country and using a stable economy. They also viewed it as an opportunity to enhance the lifestyle of the local residents.

Petrona Towers has the capacity to accommodate around a million souls. However, a special permit is needed prior to any construction work can take place on the stated building. A particular lease agreement is signed between the developer and the renter. The Petrona Towers is a construction of steel and glass supported by a network of columns. To be able to build the Petrona Towers, a set of steel beams have been put parallel to the main construction. These beams allow the building to be lit up as a conventional construction and so contribute to its distinctive character.